Fresh Start. Indeed, today is a new day. It’s a day to make better choices and great changes. After all, I truly believe that a mistake made more than once is a choice.


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hi, this is our first follow forever and i hope you guys like and we’re sorry if you’re not here we couldn’t tag you all, but we are really thankful for everything and we love you guys!

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This is so sweet! Thank you so much!!! :)


He has had this since he was 4 months. First picture: 4 months. Second picture: 6 months. Third picture: 9 months. Time flies… #alexandercamron


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Candice love.

I gained a lot of respect for Caroline last night. When she practically admitted that, once again, Elena got to live and everyone else didn’t. The line for Caroline was Bonnie. I honestly and truly believe, if given the choice, Caroline would 100% choose Bonnie over Elena which is a universe first. It goes to show that, at the end of the day, Caroline is a good friend and person. I may not be the biggest fan of Elena, but it is obnoxious how she always makes it out unscathed. And she always takes the easy way out.

Poor Caroline.

(I even think Damon is a better friend to Bonnie than Elena, but that’s none of my business.)

I almost had hope for the show, but look there…it’s another Stelena plot. (No thank you.)

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